Ethos Forensics
Body Fluids
As Site Quality Lead in Body Fluids at Chorley Forensic Science Service Laboratory until it closed in 2011, Ethos Forensics’ Body Fluids expert continues to provide:
  • Expert Testimony in complex Body Fluids cases
  • Expert Sexual Offences Interpretation
  • Expert Blood Pattern Analysis

Body Fluids test results add weight to DNA profiling evidence or stand alone in support of a particular allegation.

Complex interpretation of presumptive chemical test results alongside assessment of location and distribution of staining allow expert forensic analysis to address issues of how material was deposited. The extra layer of interpretation this provides is key in answering questions of alleged activity in addition to considering who was involved.

Reviewing and reinterpreting prosecution Body Fluids findings, advising defence counsel on the limitations of the testing and the likelihood of the findings, given the defence case.

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