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Advising defence counsel on the limitations of the prosecution DNA case, providing a complete review and reinterpretation of the evidence.

DNA mixtures and low level profiles, such as those obtained by low template techniques, require careful interpretation within the context of the case.

DNA has become ubiquitous in modern forensic science. Whilst it provides powerful evidence, it is rarely conclusive. Questions of mechanism of transfer, persistence and body fluid attribution provide weight to DNA evidence, but often the issues are not straightforward.

With more than ten years experience in DNA interpretation, Ethos Forensics’ DNA expert is a former Forensic Science Service Senior Scientist. Reporting a wide variety of complex DNA casework, much of which includes DNA mixtures and low template (LCN) profiles, giving expert testimony at Crown Court in many DNA cases and regularly lecturing in DNA Profiling.

Ethos Forensics provides a free Initial DNA Expert Witness Consultation.

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