Ethos Forensics
Textile Damage Assessment

Damage to clothing is a common observation during forensic examinations of exhibits in offences against the person casework. The nature of the damage might be evidentially significant in addressing the issue of consent in a sexual assault scenario or in determining the weapon used in physical assaults such as stabbings.

Forensic damage examination allows an assessment of the age of a damage feature, the causative mechanism and an estimation of the force required. These factors may be useful in addressing whether the damage was caused in the manner alleged, by some other means or relates to the alleged incident. Most crucially, a forensic damage assessment may incorporate an attempt to recreate the damage in the manner it was alleged to have been caused by experimental tearing, cutting or stabbing with a selection of weapons.

Ethos Forensics have carried out forensic damage assessment work in a number of high profile cases and offer a comprehensive assessment of your casework textile damage including an expert opinion on its evidential significance in the context of your case.

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